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Following on from the huge success of the Tyndall Lecture on Modern Astronomy, Prof Peter Gallagher is teaming up with Aine Flood to give a talk about their work at I-Lofar.

Peter Gallagher is head of astrophysics at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) and an adjunct professor at Trinity College Dublin. His research is concerned with understanding the physics of solar storms and their impacts on Earth. He has a long association with the European Space Agency and Nasa and leads the I-LOFAR radio telescope project. He also spent six years in the US, firstly at Owens Valley Solar Array and Big Bear Solar Observatory in California, and then at Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center.

Aine Flood will be there to guide us though some of their many teaching resources suitable for JC and TY. These resources are free to download from

Also coming up this week, we have the return of the Physics Hubs, hosted by David and Paul at the IoP. This week's topic is 'Revising Electricity.'

Details and booking at:

And this week is the closing date for this really interesting idea from Waterford IT. Produce a short vide, about 3 minutes long, explaining some (presumably any) aspect of physics. Open to TY and 5th year students. Details here: FilmPhys Video Competition - Waterford Institute of Technology (

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