Intel Academy: LC Physics Revision Course

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

In recent years Intel have organised and sponsored a number of Easter revision courses for LC Physics and Chemistry, and I've been privileged to play a small role in that. In the past the event was co-ordinated with the IoP and the bread-and-butter issues of how-to-revise were augmented by the full Physics Busking Roadshow - but that obviously wasn't possible this year.

Instead a slimmed down version was put together and 4 x 45 minute sessions were shared with students using zoom. Those sessions were recorded and, through the generosity of Intel, I have permission to share them here at the links below. Many thanks to Tracey Nolan in Intel.

There is, of course, nothing in the course that students won't have heard a few hundred times already, but sometimes courses like this can help to give students an overview of the syllabus and help to get them organised. If any of you want to share them with students, please feel welcome to do so. Where they refer to notes, they are generally referring to the notes contained in the resources section of this website, or slight variants thereof. The PowerPoints used are in the relevant section.

The zoom recordings are available at the links below:

(I've tried editing out the first few minutes of each, which mainly consisted of throat-clearing, confusion, frowning at the screen and tapping. But some of all of that remains...)

physics 1: overview of the course, focus on experiments, definitions, derivations etc...

(recorded before the LC postponement)

physics 2; mechanics overview

(recorded before the LC postponement)

physics 3: waves overview

physics 4: electricity overview

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