Isaac Physics for LC Optics

I'm linking to a document I've just put together, which in turn links to several Isaac Physics exercises relevant to LC physics.

I've tried to choose questions that well prepared students should find within their comfort zone - hopefully providing practice on key skills and material. Other material within the site is great for problem-solving challenges. But I didn't want that to be the focus here.

I've assigned all this work to my own 5th year class as part of the run-in to summer and so far there have been no complaints*. I'll adapt the links within the document if any of them come across material unsuitable for this level.

As always the issue of significant figures can cause some confusion. But remember there is material here, to help them figure that bit out.

Isaac for LC Optics:

general introduction to getting started with Isaac available here:

I should stress that I have no connection to Isaac Physics beyond being a fan of the site and having helped out at a few PDST events where we introduced it to Irish teachers.

* there have of course been complaints. But no valid complaints.

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