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LC Revision

Over Easter, Intel - via the Intel Academy - sponsored online revision courses in Leaving Cert Maths, Chemistry and Physics. The courses themselves were aimed at those local to the Intel plant in Leixlip, but they recorded the whole thing and have now made it available on YouTube.

It's similar in content to last year's course, but it was extended to 6 hours of classes this year, which allowed enough time to cover Modern Physics and Heat + Temperature.

Important to stress that there is nothing in the course that students won't have heard a few hundred times already. But sometimes courses like this can help to give students an overview of the syllabus and help to get them organised. If any of you want to share them with students, please feel welcome to do so. Where they refer to notes, they are generally referring to the notes contained in the resources section of this website, or slight variants thereof. Similarly with the PowerPoints.

The videos are recordings of a zoom class with all the oddities thereof.

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