New Leaving Cert Answer Book Formats (again)

The layout and style of the leaving cert answer-book for this year's Leaving Cert Physics exam seems to have changed a little from the 2019 books - which in themselves were a change from those used up to 2018.

Online marking was introduced in 2019 and, to facilitate that, a new book was introduced which - for physics at least -combined regular lined paper and graph paper. The online marking system has been extended now to a broader range of subjects and a new, 36 page, generic answer-book will be used for all of these.

For graph paper, students will have an additional book, consisting of a title page and 3 sheets of graph paper.

It's worth remembering that from the trend in recent papers, and depending on question choice, students might have to draw more than 3 graphs - so they might need to ask for an extra book.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed Paul Nugent for spotting this on the SEC website and letting us know.

Samples and more information at the links below

EN-EX-32179282.pdf (

EN-EX-32179282.pdf (

Examination Information - State Examination Commission (

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