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Sad news from Puerto Rica where the US has decided that the Arecibo telescope - which has suffered two recent accidents - can not be safely repaired.

It has apparently played a huge role in space exploration over the last six decades, but I mostly associate it with this book (subsequent movie) from Carl Sagan.

The Guardian has the story here: also has a related story, featuring some startling images of just how bad the collapse of these big telescope can be.

In more offbeat news - and I'm not sure this is physics (but if it isn't, then what is it?) I was very taken with this account of an attempt to recreate long-lost smells in Europe.

And good to see the Irish Times covering Scifest with this story about a 6th year student from Tramore, who developed a video analysis measurement system for patients recovering after joint injuries.

Really liked this too, from the BBC, about using solar panels for railways

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