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Physics Videos on a Padlet

I've made some new additions to the Physics Video Padlet, based on links that have been sent to me by colleagues and students over the last few months.

I really enjoyed this: The Man who Tried to Fake an Element. The story it tells is really interesting, but perhaps most usefully, it gives a great overview of particle physics over the first 15 minutes that I think most students and many teachers (or at least me) could learn from.

And this is great from Jim Khalil. I was aware of his documentary on electricity, but I had missed The Clash of Titans, about how the modern understanding of the atom developed, featuring the work of Bohr and Einstein and Heisenberg.

Six Experiments that Changed the World gives a very entertaining, brief, intro to several key moments in scientific history, including Curie, Faraday and Galileo:

Older videos that I enjoy also linked to there include.....

This from avid Hockney, which I always use a little of to finish up our study of optics. It explains his belief that the renaissance artists were all projecting real images onto a screen and painting over those, making the incredible realism of their work a little easier to understand: BBC David Hockneys Secret Knowledge 1of2 DivX MP3 MVGForum - YouTube

And this famous video is great at showing students the connection between the physics we learn in class and the music they might listen to themselves: CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford - YouTube

Or this one, which a student shared with me a few years ago and which I find very useful when talking about colour mixing and how the eye works: How Color Blindness Works - YouTube

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