Scifest goes Online: deadline for entry is coming up...

I was delighted when Scifest announced a few weeks ago that it was going to try to go ahead with a series of online events this summer. It's always a great experience for students and this means that at a time when students have the time to put into some serious project work, they still have an opportunity to do so - and to do so in a way that will give their work some recognition.

Students who had already entered a scifest@college event are free to enter the online version, and I am assured by some of my own students that it is a simple procedure. They can simply upload the book and poster/display that many would already have prepared for school based events, and have the option of putting together a short (2 min ) video to describe their project more fully.

The projects will still be judged on a college-by-college basis, as if the event was taking place in its conventional manner. The details are available online here:

Deadline is tomorrow, May 14th.

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