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Nano Tech TY Module

I'm posting a link here to a very good TY module, 'Nano in my Life' put together by the Crann institute in TCD a few years ago. It provides a really good introduction to the world of nano-technology and comes fully loaded with PowerPoint presentations, short videos, worksheets and suggested classroom practicals - many of which are very simple and could still be carried out even with Covid restrictions in place.

At the time of its introduction, it was widely distributed and coincided with a number of very good workshops, but as time passes many of us tend to lose these files or forget about them.* And of course, there will be many teaching now who were not teaching then, so I thought the idea could do with a boost

I've searched the Crann Institute website for a location where all of the material can be downloaded but I can only find this one, which describes the programme without including the download links. So I've uploaded most of the key files here (scroll down to the bottom of the page). Some of the PowerPoints contain videos which I don't think will run within these downloaded files - but they can all be found separately here:

I've emailed Crann to check this is OK, but I can't imagine they'd object as this was a originally a widely distributed outreach programme. If I have offended against copywrite, though, I'll take it down straight away.

*or, at least I do.

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