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The Physics of Music
The Physics of Time Travel
TY: Intro to Applied Maths (equations of motion)
Intro to NanoTech
NPL Measurement at home
NPL measurement at home.gif

This is a great resource put together by the NPL. Its called 'measurement-at-home'  but most of the activities are perfectly suited to the classroom - with the benefit of being generally low-tech and easily managed. 

My personal favourite is 'Where on Earth am I?' - which introduces students to satellites in general and GPS in particular, while also teaching them about precision and helping them understand a little about their phones work.  Find it at :  Measurement at home - NPL

Phun with Phyphox
pressure sensor.png

Loads of great activities, that link in with key physics activities and  that can be carried out with students phones, including....

  • measuring altitude with a pressure sensor (you could measure the height of your school)

  • measuring the acceleration of a lift

  • measuring the speed of sound 

  • frequency of a soundwave

Find it at: Experiments – phyphox

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