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School Support: applications still open

Are you in a school that is introducing physics as a leaving cert subject for the first time? Or are you a teacher who finds themselves teaching a physics class after a gap of many years and struggling to get started? Have you been tasked with stocking up a lab and you're wondering how to even get started?

These are amongst the many reasons why schools apply to the PDST School Support programme. If the application is approved, A PDST rep can travel to your school and sit down with you to try to find a way through whatever difficulties you face. Nothing can magically make a difficult and challenging situation entirely easy, but the opportunity to talk the problems through and to draw on the experience of others can only help.

If you're interested. have a look at the application process here:

But also take note of the following points as listed on the PDST website:

  • Please note that schools can submit one application for general school support

  • Application must be approved by the School Principal.

  • Schools are invited to select up to three areas for support on this application.

  • Once your application is submitted you will receive an email receipt (to the email address detailed on the school profile).

  • A PDST advisor will then make contact with you to arrange the support.

  • Resources are limited, and not every request can be accepted.

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