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Sound Engineering Workshop: A Science Week (or any week) idea....

I've noticed over the last few years that my most successful TY module (in terms of student interest) is the Physics of Music. They like to see the connections between the music they listen to and the physics they're studying, they're interested to see some of the mathematical patterns that underlie chords and octaves, and they're fascinated to look at recording software and how complex music can now be created using only software and electronics.

With that in mind, we brought in Cormac from this week to run a sound engineering workshop with our first years. In several one-hour sessions (one with each group) he managed to introduce them to the concepts of sound-waves, frequency and amplitude, and show them how today’s technology allows anyone to make professional sounding songs.

And then he went to take what I'm reliably informed is a well known song amongst the young people (Billie Eilish's Bad Guy), show them how to break it down into its different elements and then guide through the process of recording their own version. Volunteers would hit things, hum, sing, click their fingers or do what ever was required to make some noise, and then he would show them those noises being transformed into music.

By the end of the session, each group had their own recording. And the school is now busily voting on MS Forms to decide which one is best.

All in all, a great hit with the students, rates are reasonable and it ticks several boxes, including getting the A (arts) into STEAM. What with Science Week coming up, I can't think of a better way of promoting the subject - and this is a new venture so I don't think they're fully booked as of right now.....

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