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2022 Sample Solutions

I was one of the 75 teachers who logged in last night, courtesy of the IoP + ISTA to hear Raghnall Quinn generously give up his time to share his insights into the marking schemes for this year’s paper. Common mistakes and misconceptions were emphasised.

That allowed me to run a quick check on my own sample solutions and I'm relieved to say that I think would have scraped through. Though the sad truth is I did have to make a few adjustments. In particular, I noticed I'd drawn a concave mirror when asked for a converging lens: a mistake I endlessly warn my own students against!

Raghnall mentioned a few times how he felt that students had really struggled with algebra this year. Which may or may not be a by-product of the Covid lockdowns.

It reminded me today to set my 5th years a few algebra exercises using Isaac Physics - such as this one: 3. Rearranging Equations — Isaac Physics

It can't do any harm....

For those who want to use them, I've uploaded sample solutions for most of section B here (about half way down on the right hand side).

Feel free to amend or improve or both.

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