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Hilary Tully was in touch during the week to point out a very useful resource on Quizziz, with loads of multiple choice questions covering all of the basic (and some not-so-basic) issues in almost every topic that features in Leaving Cert Physics. Its set up for US High Schools, but having worked through a few tests in detail, I would say that the match-up is really good with the Irish system...

Leaving Cert Results out next Tuesday for those who sat the exams in November. Though I haven't seen any mention yet of when a marking scheme will be made public....

I don't know what brought it to prominence this week, but I saw a bit of discussion on twitter about the EPA radon maps and checked it out. I find it really interesting - it allows you to check right down to your own street for whatever indications of radon levels they have for that area....Radon Map :: Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland (

Don't forget the VPL training session for next Tuesday. A really useful thing in our current predicament.....

Also, speaking of the times-that-are-in-it and the need for some sort of proxy for practical work, I made use today of the Science-on-Stage Videos at Resources • Science on Stage Ireland. It really is a treasure trove, allowing us to let students see simple but effective demonstrations, relevant to their course. Each video is short and to-the-point. The sort of thing we would do in class if we could only get into class. With the added benefit that these demos all work....

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1 Comment

Noel Cunningham
Noel Cunningham
Jan 30, 2021

Thanks Tom.

I used to have a link for that map and then it disappeared and I could never find it.

Great to have it again!

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