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Bobby Boyle's Birthday, and more.....

This looks interesting.....

Robert Boyle Winter School

Science Unmasked: Covid, Science and Policy

Professor Anthony Staines

Mon 25 January 5 – 6 pm

The presentation will be delivered via Zoom. There will be a 30 min presentation by Prof Staines, followed by a questions and answers session. Booking is essential for this meeting at

About the Speaker:

Professor Anthony Staines is Professor of Health Systems in DCU and is the chairperson of the Irish Blood Transfusion board. He is a member of the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (I.S.A.G.) which is a multidisciplinary group of scientists, academics, and researchers who have come together to advocate for a SARS-CoV-2 elimination strategy for the island of Ireland.

My favourite fact about Robert Boyle? He didn't discover Boyle's Law. He didn't even claim to do so. The law was first established by Henry Power and published in his book 'Experimental Philosophy.' Though in his first draft of that book, Power attributed the law to his friend Richard Towneley, so maybe it was him. And apparently in France its known as the Boyle-Mariotte rule, after Edme Mariotte, who popularised the idea there. There's also a good argument for giving Hooke some of the credit as it was he who built the equipment that Boyle used to investigate the law when he got around to doing so. In fact it seems that any number of people contributed, and perhaps it would be more accurate to refer to it as not-Boyle's Law.

And of course, the Physics Hubs are continuing on Thursday nights, 7pm.

This week - Hub 16 - David will be looking at Tools For Teaching Physics Remotely

And for those of us using recorded lessons - and having to deal with the fact that our voices are in fact very, very different to what we imagine them to be, I came across this reminder of why that is so

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