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Cognitive Load IoP Workshop: Oct 14th

The IoP - who have been great at offering up the CPD hours this autumn - are running an online workshop on Cognitive Load Theory next

Wednesday, Oct 14th,

7 - 8pm.

I've been hearing a bit about this cognitive load theory, so the announcement of this workshop prompted me to actually figure out what it is. A quick search (on a not-always-reliable-online-encyclopaedia) tells me that the theory was developed in the late 1980s. Its central principle seems to be that the quality of instructional design can be raised if consideration is given to the role and limitations of working memory (which is, I presume, what we mean by cognitive load). And that students who are distracted by - for example - phones, are more prone to experiencing high cognitive load which can reduce academic success

The workshop will explore the findings of educational research on Cognitive Load Theory and their implications to the learning of physics, and will consider and propose a series of strategies and tools that could be used in the classroom and for remote learning.

The talk will be joined by Alessio Bernardelli, Founding Director of

This workshop is suitable for all Science Teachers both Junior and Leaving Certificate.

More details here...

To book a place, email: giving your Teaching Council number and the name of your school.

Teachers who book a place will be emailed the link to join the webinar.

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Juliana G
Juliana G
Aug 29, 2021

Hi tthanks for posting this

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