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Discuss the LC Physics Paper 2019

Every year the Institute of Physics in Ireland presents an "Initial Response" to the State Exams Commission, outlining the views of teachers to that year's LC Physics paper, and for those who wish to contribute there will be a meeting this evening at:

Monday June 24th,

7 pm

Buswell's hotel on Molesworth street.

In recent years, the SEC has acknowledged the value of this report and it is considered at the marking scheme conference.

A more complete report is prepared after the Marking Schemes have been published and teachers can also contribute at the IOP meetings in Blackrock Education Centre and at Frontiers of Physics in September. But remember that at that stage, the papers will have been marked and the marking scheme won't change. If you wish your voice to be heard about any aspect of the paper and how it should be marked, you have to contribute now!

Those who can't make the meeting can send on any comments to either, or

And kudos, as always, is due to both Paul and David for organising this - and so may other events over the year.

If you can make it, try to bring a copy of the exam - or a device on which it can be read:

Papers available at

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