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Electricity and Magnetism Resources...

The PDST Physics team held a series of workshops over the last month focussing on Electricity and Magnetism, and in particular on easy-to-set-up practical demonstrations of the phenomena associated with that area of study.

A few events had to be cancelled due to Covid, and a few of those who had booked in could not make the workshops for similar reasons, but most of the resources available on the night are now available either....

Of course, the one thing that can't be made available online is the hand-on experience that workshops like this can provide: the opportunity to take things apart and put them back together again, etc. But to help offset that, a few very short recordings of key demos are available on the Padlet. One is available at the link above too, and and I'll be solwly uploading them to this YouTube channel over the next few days: Electromagnetic Induction, and Faraday's Law - YouTube

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