Get Connected! Spring PLC Meetings

The PDST Physics team are now taking bookings for a series of meetings over the next few weeks.

These are not going to be entirely different to the workshops we have hosted in the past, but the hope is that the emphasis will shift a more towards collaboration and sharing between colleagues. This is the first step in creating what will become known as Professional Learning Communities: groups of teachers within a subject who can turn to each other for support, advice and help. With new specifications on their way, we will all probably be in need of all three!

The theme of the evening will be 'Connections'.

A notable trend in LC papers over the last few years has been an increase in questions that link together several, seemingly disparate, part of the syllabus. Q.11 last year, for example, covered Joule's, Hooke's and Newton's Laws, as well as optics and nuclear fission. We will look at how to prepare students (and ourselves) for questions of this style, hopefully leave at the end with a set of questions designed to do just that.

Dates and venues are listed above.

Booking available here:

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