In case you missed it....

Amidst the plethora of announcements over the last few weeks, it would have been easy to miss this during the week. I know I only noticed it when a kindly colleague passed it on to me. And so, on the basis that there must be some out there as clueless as myself, I am posting a link to it here.

For those uninclined to read all 100 pages, the changes to physics are...

Section A: Students will now select 3 questions from 5 (rather than 3 from 4)

Section B: Students will now select 5 questions from 9 (rather than 5 from 8)

In the first question from Section B (which was always question 5, but I presume now becomes question 6) students will now be marked on 8 parts from 12, rather than 8 from 10..

In JC Science, the Assessment Task is gone for the year, but the written paper remains unchanged (as I read it).

These changes only apply to the 2021 papers.

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