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Lab Days 2022

The PDST are organising three lab-days for the spring (Covid allowing....)

In the past these were an annual event, designed to help us all make the most of what facilities we have to let students become involved in practical work - and are designed to be particularly useful to anybody new to the teaching of Leaving Cert Physics, whether that is because they are in the early years of their teaching career or because they find themselves with a Physics class after many years of teaching other subjects.

The days involve a look at practical demonstrations that can help students understand more fully the material on the syllabus, as well as an in-depth look at all of the LC Mandatory Experiments. Offering an opportunity to talk about the various ways those experiments can be carried out and a chance to figure out how to best to manage that practical work in your own school setting.

Also included will be a one-hour introductory session on the use of the Virtual Physics Lab, an online suite of close to 400 simulations that can back up the practical work carried out in the lab, and which will allow those attending to download (for free) the full programme for use in their schools.

The events are being planned for Dublin, Cork and Galway next March, taking place on Saturdays. Booking hasn't opened yet but should do so in the coming weeks.

Watch this space!

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