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LC Physics 2022

So, the leaving cert class of 2022 has completed its physics exam and its now available here: LC021ALP000EV.pdf ( - and here for the ordinary level: LC021GLP000EV.pdf (

Overall, the response seems to have been positive.

I really liked question 11, shown here, which links physics with both Bronze-age cooking and music-making. I had no idea until today that the Harp was such an ancient instrument!

Question 5 very cleverly mixed Joule's Law and the rarely-asked Specific Heat Capacity experiments. But when I say 'cleverly,' I think its a question that future students might learn from rather than one that many will have answered today. Which might also be true of the question on Boyle's Law, which used the length of a column as a proxy for its volume. And possibly the use of a graph to find the speed of sound won't have been in everybody's comfort zone.

The IoP prepares a response to the paper every year which is forwarded to the SEC. So an insight offered at this stage could affect how the exam is marked. Anybody who has feedback to offer might want to get in touch with Paul Nugent of the IoP at

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