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MCQ: the tests that correct themselves....

I have been rediscovering the joy of multiple choice questions recently: a valid test of student's learning, but also really easy to correct. And workable (to an extent) online. Even better, in the electronic age they can be made to be self-correcting. Still plenty of work involved in setting them up, but at at least all the work is done once you send out the test.

The mechanics test linked to below is actually based on questions from the old leaving cert mcq sections, as rediscovered by David Keenehan during the last lockdown and shared in more detail here: Forum – Teaching Physics in Ireland – TalkPhysics. I put the others together based mainly on more recent Leaving Cert questions.

They are set up here to work as a Microsoft Forms quiz, though I think with suitable data skills (which I don't possess) they can be transferred into the equivalent google docs format. If I have it set up right, you just click on the link, and then click on the 'duplicate' option when it opens on the top of your screen.

I do two things to minimise the temptation for students to collaborate on these via WhatsApp or Snapchat or whatever: I set them up so that the questions shuffle around: question 1 for me won't be question 1 for you. And using the copy function, I set up a few different versions of the test where each version has 10 questions, but not exactly the same ten questions. I'm sure there's still collaboration, but hopefully not too much.

I've only got a few sections of the course set up. I'll share others when/if I get to them. But in the meantime, if anybody else has a similar resource and would like to share here, please send them on to me.

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