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New Addition to the Video Padlet....

I recently came across Quanta magazine online and have enjoyed working my way through their back catalogue. And in the classroom its a great resource to share with students who might want to go beyond the precise and sometimes narrow requirements of the syllabus. To give a flavour of their offering, recent articles include:

They also put together decent, short videos highlighting specific issues in science, and I particularly like this series about recent breakthroughs in science:

2021's Biggest Breakthroughs in Physics - YouTube

2020's Biggest Breakthroughs in Physics - YouTube

2020's Biggest Breakthroughs in Math and Computer Science - YouTube

They're very accessible even when they deal with very technical material, mainly because they've worked hard at creating great graphics to explain what they're talking about. It goes far beyond the Leaving Cert - but I don't think that's much of a problem when they're only ten minutes long.

I've added them to the video Padlet below (which is linked to, along with many others, at the Padlet icon above...)

Videos clips and TV shows (


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