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I don't know if it quite qualifies as a masthead, but whatever it's called, I've added a few links recently to the bit on the top of the homepage....

The link to Padlet will bring you to a page put together by Maire Duffy, where teachers were invited to share quizzes in their various formats: MCQs, kahoots etc. It started a few weeks ago with less than 10 such quizzes but I just did a quick check now and it's up to 97! All divided into junior and senior sections, and sub-divided into Physics, Chemistry etc. Its a great resource, and one that I think we will all continue to use even when we return to precedented times!

Scoilnet is a link I've really only begun to use again recently, having neglected it a for a while. Its full of great stuff, put up there by the generosity of many teachers and more than a few institutions. There is too much there to list, but one thing I found really good is this flexiquiz shared by Aoife McDonnell, and a number of great PowerPoints shared by Richard Moynihan.

The link to TalkPhysics brings you to the IoP discussion forum that relates to teaching Physics in Ireland. There you can catch up on anything planned by Paul Nugent or David Keenahan via the Institute of Physics - such as the weekly Physics Hub meetings. And when you're there (and registered) you can wander off through the many, many other forums. I'm quite a fan of the Scottish physics teachers site myself.

The Vimeo page brings you to a few recorded zoom revision classes from last year. I'm hoping to include links soon from there to the Science-on-Stage videos once I can figure out how to do it. But in the meantime, I've been finding these an invaluable resource during the lockdown: short videos with exactly the sort of short, to-the-point demos that students would normally be seeing in your lab right now. With the added advantage that they all work - and work first time! Videos Archive • Science on Stage Ireland

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