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Padlet for Leaving Cert Mandatory Experiments

Many of you will have sat in on the always entertaining Frontiers of Physics conference on Saturday morning and hopefully enjoyed it all as much as I did.

I'm following up on two things that came up on the day here.

if you enjoyed the talk by Prof Kevin McGuigan you might have noticed a reference to this article at the end. Either way, you should read it if you're in the mood for a good laugh: Physicists doing stupid things – Physics World.

Thanks to Maire Duffy for the link above, and also for her presentation (at which I provided some small assistance) on Leaving Cert Mandatory experiments. She shared a link to this padlet during the talk and I'm sharing it again now: It really contains everything you could hope to find online for such a topic: videos, animations, notes, quizzes based on past questions.....

I'm hoping to update the Padlet link on the top of the page to include this over the next few days - its exactly the sort of thing we should all keep to hand. But in the meantime the link is here:

And for those who might want to have a look, the slides I used when talking about the importance of algebra and graphing to those really trying to nail the material on Leaving Cert experiments are available here, in general resources, on the top line. Further down the page are some links to the pages in Isaac Physics I find helpful when trying to get the students to practise those key skills.

More on all I learned at Frontiers during the week.

Also, remember that all the notes and slides etc from the day will be available at Talk Physics

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