Padlet for Online Quizzes

Reviewing the traffic on here and looking at the huge turnout for the Physics Hub last week, it seems clear that there's a hunger out there (unsurprisingly) for online assessments.

They allow us build up some sort of information about our students, of course. But I think its equally important that they provide the same information to the students, so they can see what sort of progress they're making. And it also creates a bit of interactivity, relieving us of the feeling that that we're just talking into a void in the corner of the room and that the kids might not even be there. Alongside all of that, they're easy to share and easy to monitor. What's not to like?

The only downside, really, is that they can be a bit of chore to set up. Which is why its great when we share resources like this, and why its particularly great that Maire Duffy of Clonkeen College (@mairemahon on twitter) put up a Padlet yesterday where we can all share such resources. It has sections for Junior Cert Science as well as each of the Leaving Cert disciplines. Within a day it has already grown to nearly forty quizzes, and it seems to be still growing.

The quizzes are in a mixture of Forms and Google docs. You don't need a Padlet a/c to access it. Great stuff.

JC and LC science quizzes (

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