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Physics in the News....

I really enjoyed this article in the Guardian, relating to Citizen Science, the importance of which is summed up by the quote:

....'There is also an existential barrier to participation in science. People leave school or university and continue to engage in culture in the form of cinema, books and music in a way they don’t do with science, and they quickly lose confidence in their own abilities. Some have bad experiences with science at school and decide it isn’t for them.'

The article lists a few programmes seeking to draw citizens into scientific processes - to both their benefit and the benefit of scientists working in the field who get access to more data. In Ireland the EPA have a number of programmes aiming to increase citizen participation in science. In particular the GLOBE programme is perfect for schools and has been running for a number of years.

I also found this article on the BBC about a planned network of 16 'mini' nuclear power plants for the UL. I never understood how nuclear power plants had to be so enormous - creating all the problems that go with being dependant on a single source or system.

And I enjoyed this from RTE: a brief history of the International Space Station to mark its 20th anniversary from Dr Niamh Shaw. 6 minutes long and captures all the key points.

Anybody who comes across any good physics news stories, please send me on a link. I'm trying to set up a regular feature - which I then get to use myself in a TY class for a few minutes (or more) each week.

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