Physics in the News

Science story of the week surely has to be this: Astronomers unveil most detailed 3D map yet of Milky Way | Science | The Guardian. Some amazing imagery, even on a small screen. I'd love to see some of this on a cinema screen some day. If I ever get to the cinema again, that is...

Given that this happened close to a century ago, I'm not sure its news, but its still an interesting (and horrific) story involving physics: The story of the Radium Girls, part of this project #ScienceStories | Dr Wilkinson – Science Teacher (, (and many thanks to @mairemahon for the link).

I'm not sure any kid needs this sort of attention, but Time magazines Kid of the Year is an interesting story.

And I really enjoyed this story in the Irish Times, which tell us that exercising is unnatural and that a lack of willingness to exercise is not due to laziness, but that it is in fact the end-product of thousands of years of evolution...

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