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Physics in the News

So, what was the biggest space-related story of the last few days: this one:Watch SpaceX’s Starship Launch and Explode in Crash Landing - The New York Times (

Perhaps the former can serve as a reminder to us all that achievements like the latter cannot be taken for granted. Space travel is still fraught with risk and complexity. It is, quite literally, rocket science after all.

But maybe my favourite space story of the week was this one: Irish students hook up with International Space Station ( I think most of us on here know how much work goes into planning something like that and making it happen. Kudos to Athlone Community College.

Amidst all the talk of Brexit and political manoeuvring, It can be easy to miss really important stories like this from yesterday: EU leaders reach deal to cut emissions by at least 55% by end of decade | Climate change | The Guardian. Though whether it will be enough - or if it will actually happen - is still up in the air: EU | Climate Action Tracker.

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