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Professional Diploma in Teaching Physics

I imagine most of those who wander into this little corner of the Internet are already physics teachers, but this might be worth passing on to anybody you know who would be interested in qualifying in the field. And, of course, there might be some here who find themselves teaching outside their speciality and might consider a course like this....

from the DCU website:

'The Professional Diploma in Teaching Physics is a new programme designed to upskill post-primary teachers to meet current Teaching Council subject requirements in Physics at the highest level. This programme is approved by the Department of Education & Skills and this Award is delivered by DCU in collaboration with the University of Limerick & NUI Galway. The programme is free to eligible post-primary teachers and is fully funded by the Department of Education and Skills. Registered post-primary teachers who successfully complete the Professional Diploma in Teaching Physics (PDITP) will be deemed to meet the Teaching Council’s post-primary curricular subject requirements for Physics.

The programme will ensure that successful candidates:

  • Acquire the theoretical and experimental knowledge of physics as well as pedagogical content knowledge that is necessary for effective physics teaching at post-primary level;

  • Demonstrate an ability to connect physics content modules and the school physics curriculum;

  • Develop a high standard of practical competence in physics teaching as reflective practitioners during their programme of study.

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