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Raising Physics Careers Awareness Online CPD

The IoP are running a timely and interesting session on how teachers can broaden students understanding of which carer paths are open to those with qualifications in physics. It will focus on how to

• Demonstrate connections between the Physics Curriculum and jobs with an emphasis on transferable skills and their use in traditional and non-traditional physics careers.

• Better understand your role as a person whom young people trust and listen to, and who help shape their opinions and decisions about pursuing physics.

• Work in partnership with other key influencers to ensure that young people and their families receive the correct information and encouragement to consider choosing physics as a subject or career opportunity.

• Share good practice and explore a range of the approaches and resources for further study and career guidance.

• Encourage discussions about studying physics post-secondary school and guide students and their parents/carers towards trusted physics-related study and career information.

• Learn more about the support and resources available from IOP including “What is Physics?” and “The New 28 Days 28 Physicists” booklet-ideal for helping students choose LC Physics

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