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Review of the LC Physics Marking Scheme....

Leaving Cert Results are due to be released this Friday, Sept 3. And the viewing of scripts - which for physics is an online activity following on from the online marking - is on the following weekend. - September 11th and 12th. Details of all that are here, and are summarised in the table helpfully provided by the SEC below.

I don't see this in writing anywhere but presumably the 2021 marking scheme will be published sometime next week, and following on from that the IoP are running a zoom meeting where Diarmuid Hickey, an experienced marker of Leaving Certificate Physics papers, will give a personal insight into the marking schemes for this year’s paper.

These events are a great way of gaining an insight into the details of how an exam was marked, and this year Diarmuid is going to focus on particular on common mistakes and misconceptions.

The details are:

Identifying Student Misconceptions Made Evident in the Marking of the

2021 LC Physics Higher Paper

7pm Tues Sept 14th 2021 (online)


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