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Sample Solutions and Survey Results

For those who like a few pie-charts and bar-graphs, our survey results are available for your perusal in the general resources section. Included is the image to the left that shows where people feel they need more help with cpd etc.

The electricity and magnetism is interesting because, of course, a large amount of that material was on the syllabus pre-2002 but has since been sectioned off into the applied electricity option - which is rarely studied. With new specifications expected (?) in the near future, it would hardly be surprising if a lot of that material was once again restored to the core material.

When asked what other resources teachers would like to be available, a number said sample solutions - so I've uploaded solutions to the papers from 2019, 2020 and 2021 to the general resources section too: general resources | PhysicsResourceBank. also has a lot of sample solutions on offer.

A few also referenced the Padlets we had shared recently, with links to material on Leaving Cert mandatory experiments, for example - or one with links to various useful videos. The Padlet symbol on the masthead links to all of those, or you can just click here: Leaving Cert Science Resources ( (or here - to get direct to the videos: Videos clips and TV shows (

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