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School Support

Despite all the uncertainty created by Covid, and the specific difficulties associated with moving between schools, it's good to see the PDST School Support system is up and running again.

This service allows a school to seek help in a number of subject and admin areas. So if - for example - you arrived back into school a few weeks ago to discover you were teaching a Leaving Cert Physics class despite the fact that it is twenty years since you studied physics yourself (and these things happen), you could apply - through the school principal - for support. Once the application is authorised, a PDST adviser gets in touch and a plan is put in place. Depending on what is needed, that could mean a PDST rep travelling to your school on a number of occasions to help you work through the difficulties, tailoring the visit to meet your own needs.

Other likely applicants are teachers new to a school, or newly qualified and feeling overwhelmed by the need to get on top of several different syllabi and specifications in a number of subject areas.

Its a great facility, but I fear that sometimes those who need it most are the last to hear of it, which is why I'm mentioning it here.

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