Science on Stage 2022

Science on Stage is a wonderful concept and organisation which for years has been promoting the use of manageable but effective demonstrations of important concepts in physics and other sciences. They have a great reservoir of books and short videos here where you can get new ideas - or remind yourself of old ideas that you've long forgotten.

And they're now looking for applicants to join the team! Apply online before 17th September 2021 for a chance to represent Ireland at 12th European Science on Stage festival will take place from 24-27 March 2022 in Prague, Czech Republic.

This is the largest European educational fair for STEM teachers, where around 450 primary and secondary school teachers from 33 countries come together to exchange best practice teaching concepts in a fair, in workshops, and on-stage performances.

Note that this event is in Prague! It's an actual event, involving actual travel to an actual foreign country where you could (actually) meet other people.

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