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Screencastify: (video screen-recording with Chrome)

This is repost from the first lockdown, where it seemed to be popular. I've seen a few discussion online as to whether live or recorded classes serve students better. I'm inclined to think that it's a case of each-to-their-own, and it will depend to huge extent on how each of us likes to do things in a more normal situation. For me, I like a bit of a mix: screen recordings for the basic concepts and a few sample questions, linked with live sessions where students can ask questions and interact.

If nothing else, the recorded lessons works better where broadband is unreliable. Is there anything more soul-destroying than trying to work your way through complex material, thinking you're doing quite well, to be met with a barrage of 'we couldn't follow that, you were breaking up' messages...

So, following the always inspiring lead of Mike Kavanagh (who you should all follow on twitter (@Mikekav66) for a seemingly endless supply of great ideas) I downloaded the screencastify extension to chrome, which allows me to record everything on my screen as I introduce a topic to students - with the option of a little mini-vid of me in the corner talking through it.

It took about an hour to get it all set up, but some of that was due to a very laggy internet service around my way this last week (I wonder what's causing that...), and some due to my distractedness. The basic version is free, but you can upgrade to an enhanced version. That usually costs €€, but it was available free at the recently the voucher code, CAST_CIVID (I don't know if that's valid).

I'll repost the instructions on twitter - if I can find them again.

Everything in this world takes a little getting used to and I did waste twenty minutes 'recording' some material when I hadn't pressed the 'record' option, but overall I'd say it was easy to use.

The enhanced features allow editing, but I didn't bother: If my students aren't used to me confusing myself, pressing wrong buttons and losing my train of thought by now, they never will be.

There's an introductory video here:

And this is what I came up: Feel free to share, but it is a little specific to a particular book, and a particular group. I'm sharing more to show what can be done without either expertise and talent. Imagine what you could achieve with a little bit of either...

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