VPL: Webinars and What-not...

A number of upcoming webinars put together by the IoP either here or in the UK look interesting.

I hoping to join in on this one in particular, on the physics of music. Its something I really find interesting myself, and which I always find is an easy sell to students...

The IoP have also put together an Irish section to their discussion forum at:

But possibly of most interest is a series of upcoming Irish based webinars on Isaac Physics and VPL. The Isaac Physics sessions are fully booked, unfortunately - but more dates may be added. There are still spaces on the VPL events, of Fri Apr 24th.

The Virtual Physics Laboratory (VPL) is a suite of 380 interactive simulations and virtual experiments developed by the National Physics Laboratory (NPL). Over 70 of these experiments can be used for Junior Cycle Physics and are also suitable for LC Maths, Applied Maths and Chemistry

This valuable resource will be distributed free of charge to all participants who 'attend' an event - but you do have to attend the event to receive the resource.

In order to receive a copy and licence you must attend an official demonstration session.

Due to high demand, the webinars are going to run on a regional basis - with limited spaces in order to facilitate discussion and interaction


Tues April 28th 7-8pm Sligo Region

Wed April 29th 7-8pm Limerick Region

Thurs April 30th 7-8pm Kilkenny/ Carlow Region

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