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Cork Workshop on UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals


Science on Stage/Oide

Cork Education  Centre

Wed  Jan 31st  7-9pm

The Science team in Oide  and Science-on-Stage-Ireland  are facilitating a face-to-face 2-hour evening workshop for all STEM teachers who are interested in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in STEM education. 

The evening will support teachers in engaging with the SDG’s in a practical way in their classroom. There will be an opportunity for teachers to engage collaboratively to support students in engaging with the SDG’s in a practical way.

Sustainability and environmental protection are important topics for our students.

Join us as we explore these new interactive teaching materials that have been developed and trialled by 20 teachers from 12 European countries.

The materials are hands-on (many using sophisticated tools) and encourage students to become active and responsible citizens while promoting their interest in STEM subjects.

This workshop is suitable for all  science teachers including those of JC and TY.


Attending participants will receive workshop notes, the latest SonS-Ireland book and a BBC microbit to engage with in their own classrooms

To book, go to the Oide online booking system at 

A Future workshop is being planned for Galway

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