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File Shares and Future Plans

As most of us stumble through the last few days of the school year and try to come to terms with accredited grades while also dealing with the more ordinary tasks of exams and reports and - for me at least - the annual nightmare of finally cleaning the lab, others have been working away sharing resources and making pans for the future.

If you have a look at the 'file-share' link above, you will see that Rory Geoghegan has uploaded a number of interesting PowerPoints over recent weeks, addressing such topics as magnetic fields, the right had rule, and the Barkhausen Effect - which I think is something that I have heard - but had never heard of. (click on the link to see what I mean)

He also has a few really good PowerPoints on the basic maths skills needed for physics. Which is something I have been meaning to address with TY classes for years and which hopefully I will now actually manage to do. With next years TYs. After a long, hot, and restful summer. (Also hopefully!)

According to the NCCA website, the new specifications for physics are now due to be published in Spring of 2022. And in preparation for that, the Development Group have been continuing their work. A summary of recent meetings is available for us all to read at: Physics | NCCA.

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