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IoP response to LC Physics 2023 - part (i) complete??

So the physics paper for the 2023 leaving cert students is done and dusted...unless of course there's a deferred paper. And judging by the number of deferred papers set last year, it seems quite likely there'll be another one along in a few weeks.

For now, I quite liked the look of this question, using metal detectors as a way of introducing Electromagnetic Induction - though as it started by asking how they work, I wonder how many will have been intimidated and stayed away from the quesiton. It would be interesting to see the stats of which questions students attempt.

And the mention of Van de Graaff generators being used to generate X-Rays sent me online to check out the connection, where I learned this: The first megavoltage machine used to produce therapeutic X-rays was a type of accelerator called the Van de Graaff generator. It is an electrostatic accelerator which accelerates charged particles, in this case electrons. I learn something new every year!

In other trivia I enjoyed, it was good to see that fact that Hooke made the equipment that Boyle used to verify the law that bears his name get a mention, therefore tying together both Hooke's and Boyle's Law in one half-question.

The IoP prepares a response to the paper every year which is forwarded to the SEC. So an insight offered at this stage could affect how the exam is marked. Anybody who has feedback to offer should get in touch with Paul Nugent of the IoP - by next Monday (26th) at

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