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L C Physics 2023 Adjustments.....More Questions, Same Choice....

So the adjustments for the 2023 physics paper have been announced and if memory serves correctly, they are the same as the originally planned adjustments for the 2021 paper (which were subsequently adjusted a second time). And that means, interestingly, that students this year will be doing more questions than last years cohort - but that they still have the same number of choices, overall.

Students this year will select 3 questions from 5 in section A, whereas last years students selected 2 from 5. But of course there are 10 ways in which you can select 3 from 5 and 10 ways in which you can select 2 from 5, so there is no decrease in choice there - they just have to do more work. Similarly in section B, 2023 students will select 5 question from 9 as opposed to 4 from 9 last year - but in each case, there are 126 ways of doing that.

So this years students will have 1260 possible selections of question to choose from, just like last years. As opposed to the 224 possible selections that students would have faced in the pre-covid era.

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