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Robert Boyle Summer School: Science, Ireland and Colonialism

The Robert Boyle Summer School was established in 2012 and has always offered an interesting and stimulating programme. I particularly remember this one - which did much to lighten the lockdown blues - for me at least - in January 2021.

This year, the Winter School addresses the topic of Science, Ireland & Colonialism.

As their website explains, Boyle’s father Richard was the most successful colonial adventurer of the 17th Century. Income from lands in Ireland help fund Boyle’s scientific programme. Boyle also had interests in certain colonial enterprises. In the succeeding centuries, there has been an interrelationship between science and colonialism. Meanwhile, Ireland both suffered under colonialism and participated in, and benefitted from colonialism. It is important and timely that we examine these issues with respect to Ireland.

More details - and how to book (for free) - here: Robert Boyle Winter School 2023: Booking Form –

The Robert Boyle Schools are organised by Calmast at South East Technological University and Lismore Heritage Centre with support of Lismore Castle, the Robert Boyle Foundation, interested groups and professional bodies and industry in the region.

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