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Sustainable Development Goal: Project-ideas and Lesson-plans from the Science on Stage team

A resource relating to sustainable development and being shared by Science on Stage was passed on to me by Paul Nugent of the IoP, and it looks very interesting and well put-together. It could easily form the basis of several CBAs or SciFest projects.

On a quick perusal, I came across many great suggestions. Including this - which lays out a project students could complete to investigate the feasibility of powering specific global cities with solar energy in the future. It includes link to really useful sites like this one, which allows students to model the availability of solar energy.

The resource has been developed by 20 teachers from 12 countries, and this is how they introduce it themselves:

'Sustainability and environmental protection topics are important for students throughout Europe. How we deal with these issues will shape our future. Motivated and skilled teachers are key to enabling students to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This is especially true for STEM teachers.

In our project, 20 teachers from 12 countries have worked for over two years and developed concrete hands-on examples with practical instructions on how to integrate the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals into STEM lessons.

The texts were written by the teachers themselves. Just as Europe is heterogeneous, the individual teaching units also differ in their writing style and structure depending on the group of authors.

We hope that you will find many ideas for your own lessons in our materials - act now! We need every teacher! Join us, spread the word about this teaching material by teachers for teachers.'

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