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TY Motion/Applied Maths Module

I'm sharing a module I've put together that I use in TY as a (very basic) introduction to Applied Maths - concentrating on where that overlaps with Leaving Cert Physics.

It's still a work-in-progress, but for the moment consists of an 11 page booklet and a PowerPoint file that includes a few worked examples as well as solutions to the questions in the booklet.

In brief, it covers:

  • a reminder of distance/speed/time calculations from junior cycle

  • an introduction to the equations of motion

  • a selection of introductory questions on linear motion

  • a very basic intro to vectors

  • projectile motion

I had some fun today tracking down Ronan O'Gara's drop goal that won a Grand Slam against Wales in 2009 (though I was shocked it was that long ago!) - and using the video footage to calculate how high he kicked the ball, as well as its linear and horizontal velocities - and I've included links to that and an overview of how I did that maths - including many pretty crude approximations. (There are any number of similar high kicks in Rugby and Gaelic football, and I'm sure many of them are far, far higher - but his was an easy one to track down.)

I've added it to the page I put up recently that includes a few other TY Modules, on the Physics of Time Travel, the Physics of Music and the Nanotechnology.

Anybody interested can find them all here: TY Physics | PhysicsResourceBank

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