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A few interesting upcoming events.....

What's wrong with me?  Fri 26 Jan 2024 at 18:30 | Eventbrite

Speaker Pauline Gagnon CERN 

Fri, 26 Jan 2024 18:30  Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 10 Burlington Rd Ballsbridge

Why are sexism, homophobia and racism still so prevalent in physics? Pauline will start from her own personal experience to demonstrate that, in fact, the personal is political. CERN, the largest physics laboratory in the world, welcomes scientists from 112 nationalities but still about 80% of them are white and 80% are male. She will examine why people from so many various groups have been historically excluded from physics and suggest a series of easily applicable measures that could greatly improve diversity in physics. These measures would benefit all scientists, regardless of their gender, race, sexual orientation, physical ability or religion. It has been established that diversity benefits science by increasing the creativity potential, a key ingredient in scientific research.

And also .....

The Tragic Destiny of Mileva Marić Einstein

Mon, 29 Jan 2024 19:00  Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 10 Burlington Rd Ballsbridge

What were Albert Einstein's first wife’s contributions to his extraordinary productivity in the first years of his career? A first biography of Mileva Marić Einstein was published in Serbian in 1969 but remained largely unknown despite being translated first in German, then in French in the 1990’s. The publication of Mileva and Albert’s love letters in 1987 revealed how they lived together while two recent publications shed more light on Mileva Marić’s life and work. Pauline will review this evidence in its social and historical context to give a better idea of her contributions.

Join us for a captivating event that delves into the fascinating life of Mileva Marić Einstein. Discover the story of this remarkable woman who played a significant role in the life and work of Albert Einstein. Immerse yourself in an evening of discovery and exploration as we shed light on Mileva's contributions and the challenges she faced. This in-person event will be held at Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

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